Author: Christopher
•5:15 PM

I have fibromyalgia. I think. I used to be certain but then I attended the healing prayer meeting at our church about six months ago, and one of the guys said that the Holy Spirit told him that I have sleep apnea.

Say what?

Of course, I didn't believe him. But then, within a few weeks, my mother was diagnosed with sleep apnea, and then my brother was as well. I began to think that maybe I have sleep apnea, and not fibromyalgia. Some time passed, and I went back for another round of healing prayer. The elders prayed over me, but I didn't really believe that I was going to be healed -- I barely believed that I had sleep apnea -- and so I wasn't surprised when nothing happened.

Then, I went on a trip to Azerbaijan, and saw my very first CPAP machine (the team leader brought his along with him).

A thought entered my head: IF the Holy Ghost had told the elder guy that I did have sleep apnea, then certainly He intended to do something about it. I somehow knew that I would be receiving a CPAP machine myself.

Then, my brother came down for a visit. Unexpectedly, he brought his machine with him, and asked me to use it for one night. I began to see the divine wheels of circumstance turning; now, I was sure that I was going to get a CPAP machine! Later, my mother said that she would buy me one from a discount website. (See, the wheels were turning!) Bad news though, they only sold them to folks with a prescription. Didn't they know that the great Physician had already diagnosed me? (This turned out to be a blessing since I ended up with a much better machine.)

Time passed, and we started looking on CraigsList. A fellow about 40 minutes from here was selling a brand new Remstar Pro C-Flex+ for only $100. The machine had only 5.3 hours on it! This is a $700 machine, and it came with the humidifier, accessories, and the carrying case! Well, I drove over to meet the guy with cash in hand.

Cha-ching! The machine is mine. The $100 came from my mother. Not bad for someone with no medical insurance!

So, what does this show? God meets us where we are at, according to our faith. If I had believed that He would heal me, I wouldn't need a machine...but, honestly, that's not where I'm at. But, I can believe God for provisions.

Thanks, Jesus!

P.S. Turns out that this is the machine that my brother brought down for me to try! Talk about your divine foreshadowing! Wow!