Author: Christopher
•7:59 AM

Start with the basics.

The Law has been taken out of the way, done away with, nailed to the Cross, replaced by a new covenant, etc. Pretty much every NT book restates this in some fashion, so we know that it is true.

If the Law is done away with FOR THE PURPOSES OF RIGHTEOUSNESS -- it is not done away with as an example, as a source of wisdom, etc. ---then it must also be done away with as a source of condemnation.

So, on what grounds does condemnation rest?

Gotta use our fine-toothed comb here: Men are NOT condemned because they reject Christ. They ARE condemned because they have not accepted Christ.

The lost do NOT all have to hear and REJECT the Gospel to be condemned. They do have to be in a position to have never accepted, because they never heard, because a preacher never came to them.

To coin a phrase, they are condemned for their un-in-Christ-ness.
Remember, it is not so much that they are condemned by God; it is that they have not been justified by Him (because they have not believed in Jesus, Romans 3). The whole world stands condemned. It is God's mercy that has found a way to save some.

The Law therefore -- and for those who don't even have the Law, their conscience -- serves to agree with God that all men have sinned and need a Saviour. It bears witness. It, the Law, is not so much a judge handing down condemnation, as it is a witness for the prosecution. It is not the rules that are broken which bring the fine/imprisonment; it is the voice in the onlookers' stand which says, "The Judge is just."
Think of two countries which are at war: The Good one and the Bad one. Adam came from the good one, but when he rebelled against God, he moved his citizenship to the bad one. Problem is, the king of the good country has already stated there will be a total annihilation of anyone not in the good country. (Why? dry leaves cannot exist in the presence of a burning Fire. Their natures are too different. The unrighteous cannot exist in the kingdom of Righteousness once it fully takes effect.) So, Adam is in a bad place. Adam has some kids. They are now citizens of the bad country by birth; they are also destined for annihilation.

Now imagine all 7 billion current descendants of Adam --All citizens of the bad country. Are they condemned because they have heard and rejected the Gospel? No, not at all. They are condemned because they are sinners -- By nature.

But, God in his mercy, left the throne of the Good country, moved into the Bad country and started telling everyone that there was a way to escape the annihilation that was coming. They could just believe his words, and he would in his mercy, allow them to move their citizenship to his Good country. Most mocked, some believed.

Those who believe are justified, and their citizenship is moved. They are saved because of their new POSITION which is 'in Christ.'

Those who do not believe are not justified, and their citizenship remains that of their fallen, father Adam. They are lost because they have not received a new POSITION but remain 'in Adam.'