Author: Christopher
•8:57 PM
This is my answer to a friend's post about the God of the OT who seems so contrary to the grace of the NT:

 I have gone through many of these same thoughts myself. I finally heard a fella say something last year that really helped me with the OT stuff.

The basic premise goes like this: When people reject God, they
also reject grace. And, especially with the nation of Israel, this is so true.

Back then, it was as if Israel stood before God and said, "Let us see what it's like to live a life without grace." They refused Him and all that he is.

And God gave them what they asked for. He gave them hard religion, curses, plagues and death.

What I mean is God was NOT showing them what He was like, He was showing them precisely what HE is NOT like.

Read that again.

This makes what Jesus said even more amazing. He healed, he fed, he comforted, he wept, he forgave, etc., and then He said, "If you've seen me, you've seen the Father."

It was as if He were answering this question that you and so many others have raised, "Is this murderous tyrant really God?" (paraphrased) No. It isn't.

That is life without God. That is life without grace.