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            Before I was saved, I was involved in the occult. This involvement gave me a different perspective than most. I was not in awe of the so-called miraculous proofs spoken of in the Bible. I personally knew what it was like to have visions of future events and to experience supernatural visitations. I had firsthand knowledge of astral projection, telekinesis, ESP, etc. I was lost, but I knew what spiritual power was. One day, as a high school senior, I passed a book that had been left in a stairway. As I did so, I unconsciously changed my course, and moved away from it. The realization of what I had just done brought me to a halt. Wonderingly, I bent and picked up the book; it was a commentary on the book of Revelation. I took it upstairs and turned to the first page. While reading, I came to realize that the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed himself to be God through the fulfillment of prophecies, through the performance of miracles, and through the resurrection from the dead.

            Much has been written on the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed himself to be God  through the fulfillment of prophecies. And, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of specific prophecies regarding Christ which he is said to have fulfilled. His humanity was foretold (Genesis 3:15). His lineage though Abraham (Genesis 12:3), Isaac (Genesis 17:19), and Jacob (Genesis 28:14), and many others was also foretold.There are prophecies regarding his life, and his death. Zechariah foretells his betrayal for thirty pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12-13). It is also prophesied that his death would be bloody (Leviticus 17:11) and sacrificial (Exodus 12:21). It is even written that God would forsake him (Psalm 22:1). So many are the prophecies regarding Christ, that Acts 10:43 declares, “To him give all the prophets witness” (King James Version). However, though they are many, prior to my own salvation, these prophecies and their fulfillments did not impress me. I did not believe that these prophecies were written prior to their fulfillment. Maybe they were written after the fact? And not only this, but like others involved in the occult, I myself had seen the future on several occasions. I did not see God’s hand in these things.

            But more than through fulfilling prophecies, the Lord Jesus Christ also revealed himself to be God through the performance of miracles. During his ministry, he healed many sick people (Matthew 4:24, 14:14, 19:2). He also controlled the weather (Luke 8:24). He multiplied food (Mark 6:41). And, he also did many other things “which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written” (John 21:25). However, prior to my salvation, I knew it was possible to experience supernatural power and not be God. The Bible itself tells us that Pharaoh’s wise men cast down their rods, and these also became serpents (Exodus 7:12). Moreover, I had read of holy men in India who could control the weather, and of medicine men who could heal the body and mind. And, if healing the sick meant that Jesus was God, what did that make Peter whose shadow could heal the sick (Acts 5:15)? No, these miracles did not prove anything to me.

            But it is not just the prophecies and the miracles, the Lord Jesus Christ has also revealed himself to be God through the resurrection from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus Christ stands alone in the history of mankind. Not only is his defeat of death the subject of prophecy (Hosea 13:14), but it is also attested to by many historical witnesses (I Corinthians 15:6). The New Testament declares that Jesus is indeed alive today and “for evermore” (Revelation 1:18). But, again, prior to my salvation,such testimony did not sway me. It was recorded in the Bible, and I did not believe that the Bible was true. I did not believe the witnesses. After all, it all could be lies and “cunningly devised fables” (II Peter 1:16). None of these things moved me.

            So what did change my mind? First off, it was not a ‘what’ that changed my mind; it was a ‘Who.’ Because the Lord Jesus is risen from the dead, he is alive right now. And,it was he who changed my mind. He sought me when I was lost (Luke 15:4), and he revealed himself to me just as plainly as he did to Saul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:3). His reality overcame my doubts. He himself is the one proof which cannot be reasoned away. And so, while it is true that the Lord Jesus Christ has revealed himself to be God through the fulfillment of prophecies,through the performance of miracles, and through the resurrection from the dead, the greatest proof – the most convincing one – is that the Lord Jesus Christ still reveals himself to us today.

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