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•9:02 AM
Random thoughts (not necessarily Bible stuff):

We have a business coach at work. One of our requirements was to write out our Life Purpose.

Take two or three qualities about yourself that you really like. I would write out a bunch, say around 20, and then number them 1 to 20 in order of importance. Then write down 3 things that you enjoy doing, that bring you a sense of fulfillment. Again, write down several and narrow it down to your top 3. Then write out what a perfect world would be like; "In a perfect world everyone would be _________." Now put it all together.

Mine came out as: My Life Purpose is to use my spiritual acuity, mental brilliance (hee hee), artistic ability, and communication skills to serve, nurture, love and teach others that they might come to know, love, worship, and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

When I wrote this out, I realized that I have been doing this all along since the day that I got saved. It has been my underlying framework. Now, I need to get it more in the open so that I am living in my 'sweet spot.'

The business coach also has us looking for the company Vision, Mission Statement, etc. I am very excited about learning these things, and applying them. It has started me reading a bunch of books.

I am thoroughly loving "The E Myth Revisited" and would force every kid in high school and college to read it. It is full of wisdom and insight. 80% of small businesses fail in the first 2 years. This book explains why, and then explains how to avoid failure. Great stuff. ('force' isn't a strong enough word, btw)

I then read "The Houdini Solution" which is about thinking INSIDE the box. It was written by a Madison Avenue advertising man. He talks about the walls, the limitations, that are put on any good ad. "It can't be funny; we don't do funny." "It has to be about family; we're all about family." etc. Limitations force us to be creative. So to solve any problem, first make a box. Outside write all the limitations. Then ask, Can any of these walls be budged? Then find something that works INSIDE the box. It was a good book, but I am still unconvinced LOL . I don't believe in walls.

I am now reading "Edison On Innovation" which is a detailed look at the man who invented the light bulb, the movie projector, the phonograph, the .... well, you get the idea.

We all know that Edison was all about Trial And Error, but this book looks more at the thought processes of this genius. He did not start toward theory and work to reality; he started with reality, immersed himself in it, learned every detail of it, and that prompted him to make certain connections in his mind toward a new invention. One of his goals was to have stocked at his laboratory "every" material known to man; every thing must be on hand so that the invention process can proceed unhindered. He was meticulous, taking detailed notes, and keeping minute records so that he would never have to repeat an experiment. He didn't see success & failure, he saw all results as good; even failures revealed knowledge that he would often use in future experiments. Edison was very reality based. He didn't like book learning because it created the appearance of learning without actually being fully immersed in a subject. He did read far and wide, and studied up on any subject he could...but experimentation was key to making it his own. He believed in making profitable innovations on existing products to pay the bills while he worked on never-before-seen inventions. He studied systems, and often improved the system to make a cheaper product. He didn't waste his time on creating things people didn't want. He had once made a great invention that nobody wanted to buy, so from then on, he studied marketing. Who was his target customer? What didn't they like about existing products? How could he correct those weaknesses, and make a better product?

Good stuff! Love the reality viewpoint. Love the emphasis on systems. Love the hands-on approach.

I am also reading "The Alchemist" which is the story of an Andalusian shepherd. He sets off to find his treasure in Egypt. The book follows him through victories, upsets, and side-tracks. This is Will Smith's favorite book. It's kinda metaphysical, and rejects the mind-stifling deadness of religion (which I also reject). It is really good, and mind-stretching. There is a running theme of 'omens' throughout the book which I re-interpret as the sparkling 'God-crumbs' that you encounter when you are walking God's path. For example, if we wouldn't have intended in our hearts to leave Akron and move to Columbus, we would have never visited the apartment complex where the lady at the desk pointed us toward this apartment complex. When that happened, I immediately sensed a God-touch on it; the Lord was directing us. In the book, these are called 'omens.' I don't like the word, but I agree with the idea.

For example, yesterday, Becca and I painted a calendar on our wall. It covers one year of our lives. In this one year, my goal is to read, read, read and study business books. Why? So that we won't make wrong decisions when we start off toward our Vision (whatever that is LOL). Becca is reading one biography every week and studying the person for their vision, their 'big why,' their mis-steps, their first big breaks, etc. She started with Celine Dion, and immediately identified with her. The omen? The God dust sprinkled for Becca to find? Both of them come from bigger families, they both enjoyed singing for family, they both love the thrill of applause, they both want horses, etc. It was like the Lord was encouraging Becky as she started on this new road.

Anyway, we are attempting to 'sharpen our axe' before we start swinging later on. Hopefully, with increased knowledge will come increased confidence, and then increased success. We want to be more than what we are, to show forth what God can do in people...something besides sitting in a pew waiting for Jesus to come back. (ptui!)
Author: Christopher
•9:01 AM
Okay, this is good stuff. I'm going to take some things that I have learned from the book 'The E Myth Revisited' and tie it into why we as Christians aren't going anywhere for God.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

That's what the Bible says. God said it.

So where are all the great victories? Where are all the accomplishments for Christ?

There are 3 types of people in the world. 10% are Entrepreneurs. 20% are Managers. And 70% of us are Technicians.

The Entrepreneurs are the dreamers. They are the ones running toward the horizon, charging Hell with a squirt gun. They live in the Future. They are optimists. They always see the happy ending. They never consider failure. The world is full of possibilities, full of victories to be won!

But only 10% of us are Entrepreneurs.

20% are Managers. The Manager lives in the Past. He is all about organizing chaos. He looks at the financial history...and makes a chart, or a graph. He looks at the employee's behavior...and makes a method to fix poor performance, or rewards good performance. He likes order. He is not so much concerned with the result as long as we get there in a nice, predictable, orderly fashion.

And the rest of us, a whopping 70%, are Technicians.

What's a Technician? Anybody who is a Doer. Are you a painter? A seller? A plumber, a roofer, a dentist, a baker, a graphic artist, an author? You are a Technician. These folks are the ones who accomplish the work that the Manager manages. They are the backbone of society. They are sweat and blood and elbow grease. They live in the Present. They are here and now people. They don't have time for future dreams, they have to focus on paying today's bills. They don't have time for strategies, and planning, and horizons...they need to focus on the task at hand.

Most of us are Technicians.

When we read "I can do all things through Christ" we don't see the verse through the eyes of a pioneering Entrepreneur like Paul the Apostle. He saw Christ in him as the source of strength by which he could climb any mountain, reach farther than he had ever reached before, build a kingdom where none had ever existed, etc.

No. We are Technicians. We live in the Present. We see "I can do all things through Christ" as a Technician does. We read it as:

"I can survive all the things that God throws at me today through Christ"

We have a life-preserver where Paul had rocket fuel.

We have a safety net where Paul had a steam engine.

When was the last time that you looked at the future? When was the last time that you set down your tools and picked up your imagination, and dreamed a BIG dream for God?

There is a pioneer inside of you. There is an Entrepreneur that lies inside each of us.

Go ahead! Dream the dream!

Launch out! Take the step! Get a vision for God!

"I can." Just think about it.