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•10:17 AM
Yeah, I'm a geek. I came across this cool little method to make an equilateral triangle, and had to share:

The principles of geometry were recorded in a series of theorems expounded by the Greek mathematician Euclid around 300 BCE. One of the first principles he alludes to is a process of dividing a straight line into two equal parts. This is done by taking the line, AB, and drawing two circles of equal diameter, one circle at each end of the line, so that they overlap.

Drawing a vertical line between the points C & D will bisect the line AB into two equal lengths. This concept can be taken one stage further when the circles, both of equal diameter, are drawn such that the circumference of one circle touches the centre of the other circle. This geometric pattern was well known to the ancients and has been passed down to us with the title Vesica Piscis. The resultant area where the two circles overlap is known as the Vesica.

It produces some interesting characteristics. For example, it is possible from this use of the two circles to determine an angle of 30° and 60°. This is shown in the diagram below

through the points where the 60° is defined by the points ACB. The bold line at an angle represents the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle, CBA. Thus, the opposite angle, BAC, is 30°. By turning this simple relationship into a rectangle (as shown by the dotted lines) and bisecting the angles with a pair of compasses, it is possible to create the angles 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°. Thus, with a simple pair of compasses and a straight edge, eg 24 inch gauge, our ancestors were able to determine the primary geometric angles regularly used.

This simple geometric structure immediately lends itself to the construction of another important figure -the equilateral triangle.

So, our ancestors, through their knowledge of geometry, were able to produce, with considerable accuracy, the three most common geometric forms in their construction armoury -the circle, the square and the equilateral triangle -the latter two being derived from the basic form -the circle.

Author: Christopher
•9:05 AM
"Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."

Again, this is for the kiddoes.

My Grandma Williams, your great grandma, was the most awesome lady of God. She was always giving whether it was food or money. She invited us over for supper all the time. She loved life. She loved to do crafts (ceramics, etc). She took care of Grandpa, who was sick much of the time, for years.

My favorite memories are of her generosity. She was so Spirit led.

One day, Becca needed a curtain rod to hang up a curtain in the window. We were broke as usual and couldn't afford one. Grandma invited us over for a meal, and afterward, as was her custom, she gave us stuff to take home with us. I'll never forget as she reached behind the dresser and said, 'Can you use these curtain rods? I've had them here for awhile and I'll never use them. Here, you take them." When she did that, my views of grandma's generosity changed. I saw that God was behind it. All the money that she gave away quietly, all the food (she'd even helped my parents out when I was just a kid myself), and all the prayers - God was working through her.

It was all hush-hush, but she often helped us with our car insurance or an electric bill. How do you tell a 90-year old woman, No? You can't, especially when you need it. We were Elijah, and she was our widow woman. God channeled his gifts and love through her to us. How humbling!! How ... stand back in awe ... glorious!

When Grandma died, I was asked to preach her funeral. It was the hardest thing that I've ever done. I had a 'message' all written up, but just then, at the beginning of the service, God spoke to me, 'Turn to Proverbs 31." And, I read it. It was my Grandma.

God in heaven told me that my Grandma, your great grandma, was a Proverbs 31 woman. In his eyes, she was far above rubies.

What a wonderful heritage!!